Toronto 'TO' Rebrand


A Dynamic Identity For Toronto


Toronto is a young, upcoming city looking to prove itself on the world stage. The problem is, the city doesn’t have a unified visual language and identity to unify itself under. This proposal looks to solve this problem and help put Toronto on the map as a competitive and attractive place to be.

How do we create an identity that adapts to the way the city changes over time? An identity that remains relevant and iconic? What is the current outside perception of Toronto? What do Torontonians think of their city? What is Toronto’s USP? What sets it apart and makes it unique?

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Key Brand Elements


1. TO Logo and Copy

‘TO’ is a common short form of ‘Toronto’ as well as being an integral part of language. Here is how it works:


(landmark) to

dundas square to

to (verb)

to love life


2. Stories of Toronto

Instead of supporting the the identity with typical images of architecture, streets, buildings and landmarks of Toronto, the focus is on its most important asset: its people. 

The introduction of supporting photo, video and potentially audio elements to the identity will add depth and a more human aspect to the overall visual language. Real personal thoughts, feelings and emotions about Toronto from a variety of backgrounds within Toronto are communicated through these elements that carry a unified aesthetic and instantly conjure a nostalgia for Toronto.

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