Macro App

Macro App – How Can An App Free Us From The Screen?

How can an app free us from the screen? The brief was to create a solution that would encourage people to live more in the moment because these days we all seem to be living in the second reality that is our phones and computers.

Macro started out as an idea for an app that encourages the user to be more mindful of their computer use and to live a wholesome life. Think of it as a central app that you connect all your Internet optimized and enabled things to – your thermostat, your car, your glasses, your watch, etc. Through analysis of data coming in through all these sources Macro then gains an understanding of your lifestyle and provides feedback to help you improve your lifestyle.

However, as I did more thinking and research, I realized that to truly be free from the gaze of the screen, to become more masterful over computers than slaves, a user interface controlled intuitively by voice will be the most elegant solution. To tell a computer exactly what needs to be done instead of spending hours doing the task on the computer. I think once computing reaches that level, we will then be taking significant steps towards becoming masters over our machines. I look forward to the day this becomes a reality, but I am also a little weary of it. I suppose only time will tell what will unfold.